As the biotechnology field continues to innovate itself, we now have numerous high throughput method for profiling a single sample. Before tackling the scientific question, we need to generate the pipeline and QC methods to ensure the integrity and quality of the result. To this end, the present blog is primarily dedicated for documenting QC or analysis problems that I’ve encountered and “hopefully” provide a solution to each individual problems. With the goal of contributing to the development of high throughput data driven scientific discovery and clinical diagnosis, my wish is to make this blog useful for readers interested in learning data processing.

Comp bio insider will focus on discussion involving the following areas:

  1. Sequencing Technologies
    1. Whole Genome Sequencing
    2. RNAseq Analysis
    3. Whole Exome Sequencing
    4. Metagenomics
  2. Mass spectrometry Technologies
    1. Whole Proteomic detection and quantification
    2. Phospho Proteomic detection and quantification